Air Gun Nails, Brads, Gas & Nails

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15 GAUGE Hardened Finish Nails (3000)

  • 15 Gauge Hardened Finish Nails. Suuitable for into Block etc.
  • HC Galvanised


16 GAUGE Angled Finish Nails (2500)

  • 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nails.
  • Suitable for: Tacwise 16G Angled Air Nailers.
  • Dewalt DC618.
  • Paslode IM250A.
  • Other 16G Angled Air / Gas Finish Nailers.


16 GAUGE Finish Nails (2500)

  • 16 Gauge Finish Nails.
  • Suitable for:
  • Tacwise 16Gauge Nailers and other 16G Nailes


18 GAUGE Brad Nails (5000)

  • 18 Gauge Brads.
  • Suitable for:
  • Tacwise 18gauge Nailers.
  • Stanley BT1330.
  • Senco AY/AX.
  • Paslode F18/C140.
  • BeA SK300 Range.
  • And other 18g Nailers.


Nail Fire 'D' Head Galv Nails & Fuel Cells 3000Nails&3Fuel Cells

  • These premium 34 degree clipped head framing nails and gas have been manufactured using only high quality steel, with testing being done in extreme conditions and the result is the best nails we can find to suit all makes of framing guns.
  • All sizes from 50mm to 90mm are available and these nails are packed in practical plastic tubs that don't fall apart even in the wettest conditions.
  • All Nailfire nails are compliant to the new EC5 European standard for all timber frame construction.