Expanding Foam

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Applicator Foam Gun Cleaner

  • Easy Foam Gun Cleaner is a multi functional cleaner that is designed to digest and remove uncured PU foam.
  • It is designed to allow the easy removal of uncured Easy Foam from the majority of gun grade PU foam applicators. The unique designed plastic moulding is an “all-in-one” component that includes a threaded collar with integral sealing valve and gasket. These features ensure that it is compatible with the majority of PU foam applicators. Also incorporated into the component is a removable red aerosol actuator button, with a clear short plastic tube to allow application of fine accurate jets of cleaner direct to confined areas.
  • Removes uncured easy foam
  • Cleans applicator guns
  • Easy to use


DIY Foam Gun

  • Heavy Duty Expanding Foam Gun.
  • To be used with Gungrade Foam. Please make sure you clean this product after each use.


Larsen Expanding Foam

  • Larsen Easy Foam is a one component polyurethane foam, which is designed as a fast setting expanding adhesive foam.
  • It is used to produce a high quality rigid polyurethane foam which bonds, seals and insulates most construction materials including wood, brick, metal, concrete and most plastics. Larsen Easy Foam can be used in the assembly of doorframes, to fill window frame joints and to foam out wall breakthroughs and cavities. The cured foam is resistant to most chemicals.
  • Fills and Seals
  • CFC free
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Tack free in 20min
  • Expands to up to 55 times volume