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Nail Fire 'D' Head Galv Nails & Fuel Cells 3000Nails&3Fuel Cells

  • These premium 34 degree clipped head framing nails and gas have been manufactured using only high quality steel, with testing being done in extreme conditions and the result is the best nails we can find to suit all makes of framing guns.
  • All sizes from 50mm to 90mm are available and these nails are packed in practical plastic tubs that don't fall apart even in the wettest conditions.
  • All Nailfire nails are compliant to the new EC5 European standard for all timber frame construction.


Nylon Hammer Fixings

  • Strong and reliable, high quality nylon frame fixing suitable for most applications.


Nylon Lock Nut

  • Can be used in many domestic and commercial applications.
  • They are designed to withstand normal knocks and can easily stand up to the wear and tear of busy working conditions.


Self Drilling Hex Screw c/w Washer (Coarse Thread)

  • For fixing corrugated or flat sheet metal to steel constructions.
  • Maximum drilling capacity 3mm.
  • Minimum substrate thickness 0.75mm.
  • Supplied with EPDM washer.
  • 100 Per Bag


Self Drilling Hex Screw c/w Washer (Fine Thread)

  • For fixing corrugated or flat sheet metal to thick steel constructions.
  • Self-drilling point.
  • Partially threaded.
  • Supplied with washer.
  • Max drilling capacity 12mm.
  • 100 Per Bag


Stitching Hex Screws with Washer 25mm

  • For use in light section steel.
  • Coarse Self-Tapping Thread & Tapered Shank.
  • For Holding sheet material to sheet material.
  • 100 Per Bag.


Threaded Bar (1Metre)

  • Zinc Plated Threaded Bar.
  • 1 Metre Lenght



  • Drill through the item being fixed into the concrete.
  • Hammer the through bolt into place and tighten with a spanner or socket.
  • Ideal for:
  • Storage racking, fabricated staircases and balustrades, holding down steelwork structures, wall and sole plates, holding down machinery and safety fences.

Timber Roofing Single Slash Point Screws

  • For fixing sheet metal to wood.
  • Supplied with washer.
  • Coarse Self-Tapping Thread.
  • 100 Per Bag



  • Zinc Plated
  • €0.05

    Washered Head Masonary Nails

    • Masonry nails.
    • Specially hardened nails which can be driven direct into bricks and blocks.
    • Always wear safety spectacles


    Wire Nails Galv (20kgs Box)

    • A full 20kg box of galvanised wire nails. Wire nails are ideal for general carpentry and joinery jobs, completely suitable for exterior use.