Garden Hose & Fittings

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Brass Hose Union Bibtap

  • Manufactured to EN1213 (formerly BS1010)


Kingfisher 2 Way Adaptor

  • Two way adapter to fit 1/2" garden hose pipe.
  • Splits the flow of water into two separate channels, with on & off switch.


Kingfisher 3/4" Threaded Tap Connector

  • A quick click tap connector suitable for use with 1/2" and 3/4" BSP thread garden taps.
  • The male quick click connection attaches effortlessly to female quick click hose connectors.
  • Compatible with all major brands.


Kingfisher 6Way Deluxe Spray gun

  • 6 Way Deluxe Spray Gun Rubber spray gun with 6 different settings from jet to mist. Locking handle and durable design.


Kingfisher Brass Garden Hose Starter Kit

  • High quality brass construction.
  • Set includes a female hose fitting, female water stop, spray nozzle and 3/4" threaded tap connector.
  • Durable and long lasting


Kingfisher Double Male Adaptor

  • A Quick-Click Double Male Adapter is a good value double ended male quick-click connector for attaching two accessories together with female quick-click connectors.
  • The male adapter is simply 'clicked' into the female quick click connections for a water tight and lasting join that can easily be taken apart when required.


Kingfisher Female Hose Fitting

  • Female hose fitting for 1/2" garden hosepipe, to be used to connect garden hose pipe to male adapters.


Kingfisher Female WaterStop Hose Fitting

  • Automatically shuts off the water supply when the spray nozzle, gun or sprinkler is disconnected.


Kingfisher Hose Connector (1/2")

  • A hose joiner for repairing and joining 1/2" garden hose


Kingfisher Tap Connector

  • A Snap On Tap Connector is an indoor tap connector suitable for use with all 1/2" indoor taps that are round.
  • Provides a leak free connection via a rubberised seal that can be tightened with the jubilee clip for a tight waterseal.


Tricoflex Hose Pipe

  • Tricoflex - the industry's favourite hose pipe that offers excellent flexibility and unbeatable kink, twist, crush and age resistance.
  • Same size as standard garden hose (1/2”) and is an ideal replacement for any garden hose as it is one of the highest quality hoses being manufactured at the moment.
  • Used by most professional gardeners; such as garden centres, farmers and landscapers.
  • . Especially thick and made of high quality materials.
  • Also available in ¾”