P Trap for sinks/basins

32mm for Washhand Basins 40mm for Kitchen Sinks
Manufacturer: AJS
Delivery date: 1-3 days

32mm Tubular P Trap Swivel 76mm Seal White

Features and Benefits:

  • Traps are an integral part of any waste system and are generally situated on the outlet of an appliance (to which the waste is attached).
  • The purpose of a waste trap is to provide a water seal between the waste water pipework and the internal environment of the property, thus stopping any foul air entering the building which would be both hazardous and unpleasant.
  • Tubular Trap There are two forms of these, a P Trap for horizontal outlets and an S Trap for vertical outlets. Tubular Traps usually have a nut which can be loosened, allowing the outlet to be rotated around to the requested direction and then re-tightened.


Also available in 40mm with 76mm seal