Powertool Accessories

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75mm Crimp Wire Brush (M14)

  • For fast removal of paint, rust, scale and other contamination.
  • Max RPM 12500.


75mm Knotted Wire Cup Brush (M14)

  • Oil-toughened steel wire.
  • For particularly heavy work such as removal of thick layers of rust or paint.
  • Use with angle grinders.
  • Max RPM 12500.
  • M14 Thread.


Bosch 20mm Flat SDS Chisel

  • Bosch SDS Plus chisels are extremely hard wearing and resistant to deformation giving a long service life


Bosch 40mm Flat SDS Chisel

  • A Bosch 250mm long, chisel bit suitable for chiselling, channelling and levelling. Compatible with any SDS Plus hammer drill.


Bosch Concrete Drill Bit

  • Impact-resistant hammer drill bit for longer working life.
  • High bend resistance and unique U-shaped flute anti-clogging feature make it ideal for drilling holes for fixings.
  • Suitable for use in concrete, masonry, limestone and natural or artificial stone.


Bosch Jigsaw Blades Fast Cut (Pack of 5)

  • Areas of application Softwood, chipboards, wood core plywood, fibre boards up to 50mm.


Bosch Pointed SDS Chisel

  • Pointed chisel SDS-plus 250 mm.
  • Pointed chisel.
  • Long Life with 30% longer lifetime and 15% higher material removal rate.


Bosch SDS Plus Masonry Hammer Drill Bit

  • The Bosch Hammer drill bits are a quality drill bit for the professional.
  • They are manufactured from Cobalt Alloy and are suitable for use in masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete.
  • Bits are suitable for rotary hammer drills with an SDS Plus holder.


Bosch Self Cut Spade Wood Bit

  • Shaped spade for fast chip removal.
  • New cutting geometry for clean and accurate drilling.
  • Innovative self-feeding threaded tip for fast and accurate drilling with little exertion of force.
  • Suitable for soft and hard wood, light building materials and plasterboard.
  • Drills ten times faster than a standard spade bit.
  • The drill bit pulls itself into the wood effortlessly and extremely quickly due to its self-feeding threaded tip.
  • Manufactured in accordance with own factory standards from specially toughened steel.
  • 1/4" hex shank.


Bosch Wood Auger Bit (Hex Shank)

  • These Bosch Auger Bits are extremely high quality and offer superb results with woodworking applications.
  • Suitable for all soft and hard woods, even wet wood.
  • Ideal for use in any building trade, for joiners and roofers.
  • Can be used in all drills with 13 mm chuck.
  • For through-holes, pre-drilling for rafter nails and for deep dowel holes.
  • Precision-ground for accurate dimensional stability when drilling.
  • Fast drilling rate due to optimised flute geometry.
  • High break resistance, fine surface finish


Chuck Key

  • Fits most 13mm Capacity Chucks.
  • Equivalent to: Jacobs S2, KD8/10. Rohm S" Key


Magnetic Bit Holder

  • Quickly change 1/4" hex insert bits with magnetic bit holder.
  • The powerful magnetic core securely holds bits and fasteners in place so you can work faster and more efficiently.