Roofing Products

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Copper Clout Nails (Box 1000)

  • High quality Copper Clout Nails - For use with roofing applications.  Create a rust free fixing for use with natural roofing slates.


Copper Discs (1000 per Box)

  • Copper Crampion Discs.
  • 1000 Per Box


EasyTrim Pro Roofing Membrane (1.5Metrex50Metre)

  • Easy Trim Master is a breathable membrane for tiles and slated pitched roofs. 
  • 1.5 metre x 50 metre rolls (75 Sq Metres).
  • This product helps remove moisture vapour from a roof space, and also protects against wind driven rain.
  • BBA certified.
  • 112 Grams per square metre.
  • Includes the Easy-Trim cutting grid, reducing wastage.
  • For use as a fully supported or unsupported breathable underlay on tiled, slated or metal roof systems.
  • BBA Certificated no 10/4753.
  • UV Stable ( 3 months exposure ).
  • Long Term Durability.
  • Multipurpose and Lightweight


EvoStik Flashband Self Adhesive Flashing Tape

  • Evostick Flashband weatherproofing tape.
  • Instant waterproof seal, even in damp conditions Quick and easy to apply, no specialist tools required 4 layers of protection, lacquer, foil, membrane and bitumen adhesive.
  • Superior heat resistance from -10C to 100C Easily moulds to contours Long lasting protection, at least 15 years.
  • Ideal for emergency repairs.
  • Instant waterproof seal once applied.
  • Grey finish.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • For use on wood, glass, metal, brick and cement.


Galv Anchor Bar 1200mm Long

  • Galv Anchor Bars 1200mm Long.
  • To Secure Wall Plate to Walls


Galv Twisted Wall Plate Straps

  • Galv Wall Plate Straps.
  • To Secure Wall Plate to Walls.


Galv Wall Plate Straps Long

  • Galv Wall Plate Straps.
  • To Secure Wall Plate to Walls.


Green Mineral Roof Felt (1Metrex10Metre)

  • Strong and durable green mineral felt is perfect for protecting and waterproofing the roof of your garden shed.
  • Easy to fix to your shed roof using clout nails and Felt Adhesive.
  • The fine mineral finish of this green mineral felt prevents mineral seperation in cold weather.


Rito Bituminous Mastic

  • Fibre Reinforced Mastic.
  • Immediately resistant to rainfall.
  • Highly Resistant to weathering.
  • Fills, seals, repairs bolts, cast iron gutters and downpipes.


Rito Black Bituminous Paint

  • Rito Black Bituminous Paint is a protective coating for asbestos cement, concrete, asphalt, corrugated iron, zinc, lead, tiles and slate.
  • It is suitable for damp proof courses for concrete.
  • Coverage: Approx 3m2 per litre on a flat smooth surface, based on a 2 coat application.


Slaters Roof Felt (1Metrex10Metre)

  • SlatersFelt Reinforced manufactured specifically for use as an underslating beneath tiles or slates in open rafter construction.


Timber to Timber Joist Hanger

  • A quick and safe method of joist trimming for light, medium and heavy duty applications such as supporting floor joists, trimming stair wells and underslung joists.
  • Short and standard legs have increased hole centres to spread load over greater area.