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Solvall Leakfix

Leakfix is a unique water based formula containing non clogging particles, designed to instantly repair and seal all leaks in enclosed re-circulating water heating and cooling systems.

Solvall Grab Fix

  • Instant grab
  • Fast cure
  • Weather proof
  • £6.74

    Solvall Sealfix Silicone

    • Solvall Sealfix Seal & Bond.
    • Solve all your bonding, sealing and fixing problems with this one product.
    • Comes in a Range of Colours to Include:
    • Clear
    • White
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Beige
    • SEALFIX is exceptionally universal in that it has an amazing instant grab to all materials, can be over painted, is odourless and solventless, will not shrink and remains a flexible but super strong adhesive sealant.
    • SEALFIX can seal, bond and fill on wet surfaces and even under water. SEALFIX  is ultraviolet resistant (Colours varients only), anti-fungal and will not tarnish over time.
    • SEALFIX is excellent for bonding and sealing sinks, toilets, shower trays, shower cubicles, jacuzzis, hot tubs, taps, mirrors, tiles, worktops, skirting, architrave, window frames, window sills, door frames, ceiling roses, electrical sockets, pipes, signage, insulation and conduit. SEALFIX is ideal for filling plaster joints, settlement cracks, expansion joints, nail holes and much more.
    • Outdoor applications are endless. SEALFIX is excellent for bonding and sealing all metals including - Lead, slate, tiles , wood, glass, natural stone, signage, cladding, concrete, synthetic/plastic materials, Perspex, gutters and down pipes, chimneys, rockeries, lighting, junction boxes, roofs, fascias, skylights, vents, door and window frames, paving, steps, expansion joints, control panels and all electrical and plumbing applications.