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Tec7 Filler Professional 250ml

  • Tec7 Filler is the product chosen by professional builders and DIY users alike.
  • Among its useful properties are: -
  • Outstanding adhesion to all porous materials
  • Fill and finish with a single product
  • Dries without shrinking or cracking
  • Light weight and snow white
  • Quick drying, can be painted after 1 hour with water based paints
  • Flexible and will not crack
  • Long shelf-life, lasts up to 24 months even when opened


Tec7 Roof7

  • Instant bitumen, butyl rubber and reinforced fibres for repairing, bonding and sealing.
  • Repair of Flat and Sloping Roofs with Bituminous Roofing Materials.
  • Sealing of Chimneys, Roof Gutters and Edgings, Squeezing Strips, Drain Pipes, etc.
  • Waterproofing of Foundations and Walls, Flat and Sloping Roofs, Domes, Terraces & Balconies.
  • As Cold Adhesive for Bonding Bituminous Materials (Roofing, Shingles, Currugated Plates).
  • Fixing of Lead Flashings.
  • Immediate Sealing of Leaking Roofs (Wet Underground).
  • Do not apply in case of snow or freezing over!


Tec7 Silicone

  • Tec 7 is the sealant chosen by professional builders and DIY users alike. It is a hybrid polymer product for flexible bonding and sealing. Tec7 can seal, mount and bond all common building materials - even under water, eliminating the wait or need for damp or wet surfaces to dry. Tec 7 can do the job.
  • Tec 7 is the high-tech solution to all your mounting and sealing problems.
  • Among its useful properties are: -
  • Can be used on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Can be painted after 15 minutes, without retarding the cure
  • Unique bonding on most materials - without using a primer
  • Does not conatin any solvents or isocyanates, totally odourless
  • Cures without shrinking, resists vibrations and remains flexible
  • Excellent chemical resistance after curing
  • High tensile strength of 27kg per sq cm and unique binding - 265 N/cm3
  • U.V. and weather resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Easy to apply and to structure